Snapchat new features

Snapchat is very fun and bizarre. It is a different take on socializing. You can do a number of things on snapchat from texting to calling to posting weird and funny stuff. And now, snapchat has upgraded to include more of the cool new features, although some of these features may not be supported on devices of older models.


To make sure that you have access to all these features, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. Doing this is absolutely simple. Just visit the play store or app store, depending on your platform, search for snapchat and click update. This should do the job. Snapchat hack is one of helper applications that are available to add more faces.

Now, there are a number of new features that have been added to snapchat. They are listed below.

  1. Change in display

The first thing that you will notice after updating is that there will be few changes in the color and fonts of the home page. You can also update statuses with two lines against one line before updating. So you use your freedom and be more expressive.

  1. New chat

The chat will now comprise of five buttons, placed in a single line at the bottom. The leftmost button is for the gallery, then there is a camera, the middle button is used to take snaps, the video button is for making voice calls and the rightmost button is for the emojis.

  1. Video call

The best addition to snapchat, however is video calling. The users were only allowed to make a voice call before,s but from now onwards; you can even make video calls to your friends. For this, you will need to have a front camera on your phone. You can also switch between the front camera and the rear camera midway during the call.

Unlike other video calls, when you make one using snapchat, you can exchange photos, emojis and stickers during a call, without being disconnected.

  1. Switching between friendsvzcxvzxvae

When you watch a snap or a story and then press the back button, you will be taken to an entirely new page instead of the previous page. This page will have stories of a different friend. Users may find this a bit unnerving at first.

  1. New filters

Filters allow you to edit the captured snaps. You can add special effects with a wide range of filters and their newer additions.

  1. New lenses

Lenses are used to add animations to the snaps while taking snaps directly from the app. However, this new feature may not be supported in versions lower android lollipop, and I phone 5S.

  1. You can create your own geo filter

If you are enthusiastic enough, you can even create your own geo filters by drawing and using emojis and stickers or using texts. There are newer additions to emojis. You can also change the emojis next to your friend’s name.

  1. Face swap

This might be considered the coolest and the funniest feature. It allows the user to swap faces with another person or the face inside a picture.

Lastly, remember to enable different features after downloading because some of them might not be in the active mode even after the update.

Technology News

AccuWeather app we use forecast

Thanks to modern technology we have supercomputers that predict satellite weather and smartphone are ubiquitous today. Last week, AccuWeather introduced the option to check the weather forecast for 90 days prior to the chagrin meteorologists who say these weather prediction models, with more than 10 days in advance are unnecessary.

But trying to predict time for three months before it is a matter entirely different. There are a number of variables and factors that contribute to weather forecasting. This combination of factors makes the weather forecast so difficult. And the more distant is the time chosen for the forecast, the less chance of making a correct prediction.


It’s the butterfly effect in action: a small change tomorrow may lead, eventually, to a considerable difference after 90 days.

In building a weather meteorologists about current conditions combine with the factors known about the laws atmospheric, detailed data about what happened with the weather in the past and advanced computer simulations. UK Meteorological Office, widely recognized as one of the most accurate forecasting organizations in the world says about his predictions that are quite accurate to four days.

Alpha Go technology

Why Lee Sedol won game of Go against the program created by Google it is as simple as can be. There are numerous claims that games such as chess and Go players would improve intellectual capacity. However, some researchers believe that the intelligence of humans might well be tested if they would be placed in easy situations in which it is known to them.

Specialists National Health Service in the UK claim that our memory is driven more intense moments ordinary everyday life, such as face recognition to a person, predict the response that we can give them someone in a particular situation or anticipation of events that might happen in the near future. Experts argue that all these skills require our memory much more than a simple game of chess, because they are instinctual.

The future of our world

You will not be awakened by an alarm – or at least not an ordinary alarm. Instead, you wake up when you feel the coffee freshly made when light penetrates the room as the curtains open automatically and you will be gently massaged by your bed hi-tech. It’s more likely to wake up refreshed because inside the mattress will be a special sensor that monitors sleep rhythm, establishing exactly when to wake you do not break the cycle of cell phone tracker. There are many other technologies that are secret but soon they can test.

Before you go, mobile device reminds you to buy a gift for a nephew’s birthday. Analyze proposed gift that we offer system, which are based on aggregated and anonymized other boys 9 years who have similar interests, but none entice you. Then remember a story told by the boy’s parents that made all persons older than 40 years to laugh nephew did not get the hint from the old expression ate my dog theme; how can a dog eat cloud storage? Make a quick search for a dog-robot, buy one with a click. In greeting you write the message in case it’s needed. The gift will arrive at the boy’s house a 5-minute delivery time selected.

Search for information on the Internet

One could mention, at some point, an overabundance of information. In 1999 there were over 800 million documents on the web. Sites commercial, personal, institutional, academic articles, novels, advertising pages, catalogs. More than 100 languages. It is enough to look, for example, “ancient history” and confuse you right away. Google has known only in a few years, a phenomenal success.


Launched as a simple engine test phase in September 1998 by two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, search engine inaugurate its commercial version a year later. Google receives every day about 130 million applications worldwide because it is not a search engine like all the others. Even if based on search keywords, ranked according to the number and sites of origin, Google’s principle is that those sites pay to be shown on top. The “page rank”, invented by two students, is the popularity of the page.


Another peculiarity is its strategic ones: while other engines are invaded by dozens of banners on Google, advertising is limited to a few links hypertext discreet on-screen unless you are in relation to the information sought . Also, another feature is functioning in multiple languages. Perhaps even more exaggerated: Hungarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Dutch etc.

Since competition in this area is becoming increasingly fierce recently, Google held a contest whose prize was $ 10,000. The winner has created a way that allows you to search by geographic area in which pages are located. But the real winner of the contest can be even as Google has improved its search technology programs received from participants and they can manage liking because conditions in the forms included in the contest. Thus, technologies that Google has received relates to reducing errors in terms of pages created the possibility that hyperlinks are connected better when the target website changes its location, search for information in compressed files etc.


Also, Google has launched two sites to develop experimental search and navigation technologies. Home test, Google Labs, allows users to test new technology products research and development team of Google. These experiments include a glossary, an application of voice search, keyboard shortcuts for browsing search results. The second page shows the add-ons experimental toolbar’s Google, a download of software that allows users to surf the Web with the browser Internet Explorer from Microsoft to search the Google database through an application persistence included in interface internet Explorer. So currently, Google has the best search engine.

WebCrawler is the first of search robots being launched. Developed under a research project at the University of Washington in early 1994, was a real commercial success. Since the beginning of its operation, its database contained information on 6,000 web servers. At the end of the service received more than 15,000 requests per day. Basically, a robot is composed of three distinct modules; an explorer robot (spider), a system of indexing and searching program (searcher). The portals offer the ability to search the web is going through a directory or by a motor.

As a definition, a portal is a website that offers Internet users a wide range of resources and services. With it, you can find all the information they are looking for and even those that are not looking like the last quotation on the stock exchange, foreign affairs, domestic, economic, sports, social, time management box e- mail, horoscopes, etc. The best example of a search tool became portal Yahoo is even.

In News

Pokemon Go Plus helps you catch Pokemon without your phone

Pokemon Go Plus lets you to catch Pokemons and gives information about Pokestops without using the phone all the time. The wave of frenzy that gripped fans after the games released, Pokemon Go over, but that does not mean that the game lost its popularity. A significant number of enthusiasts still wearable will bring other players in the virtual universe of Pokemon Go Cheats.


The idea of a wearable for Pokemon Go has existed since 2015 when both the device and the game was just planned. Augmented reality from Pokemon Go becomes more accessible for players, many of them waiting for such a device in a while, especially since the launch has already been delayed by one month. Pokemon Go Plus costs $ 35, according to Nintendo, has some similarities with a SmartWatch, but the differences are something more. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can be worn on the hand or on a belt.

The device comes with a lanyard cord, but you can also use bracelets to customize it.  The design of Pokemon Go Plus is similar to that of a PokeBall and lets you keep your phone in your pocket a good part of the time. The device is programmed to vibrate when you are near a PokeStops, or when a Pokemon is around. Because players can know exactly whet it is on the ground, Pokemon Go Plus not only vibrates, but also illuminates in different colors depending on what you around.

The device has a single button that players can use to collect objects from a PokeStops, but also to try to catch a Pokemon. Another features include a pedometer, and the ability to catch Pokemons that you have not seen before.

Pokemon Go generated a real hysteria, pictures with fans addicted on virtual reality game is downright disturbing. Psychologists say that the fame is a real danger, because the brain induce large amounts of dopamine, called the pleasure of hormone. If you played Pokemon Go once, you probably understand why this game can be addictive. Like any addiction, addicted can be treated, but it requires a lot of will and power.

Behing any type of addiction, always hides an emotion, an inner state of imbalance, stress and inner tension. Dependence becomes a defense system that works often unconsciously, independent of our will, protecting us from that stress. What we can do at the conscious level is to combat these harmful behavior, remove the inner tensions that lead to automatic behavior.

We eill not talk about self – hypnosis or other methods of working with the subconscious, but what we can do bby working only with the conscious mind. The best way to avoid dependence game is to try to wait 10 – 15 minutes when you cold fingers to play. When you feel that inner tension, open the game and go on streets to catch Pokemon. You should not respond but to observe and then to focus on something else, about 10 – 15 minutes. You will see that the desire and gradually decreases and sometime even forget that we had to catch Pokemon. It seems a trivial things, but the effects are incredible.

As many gestures do not acknowledge them, they become automatism, and in those 15 seconds have time to visualize our gesture and to qualify as one impulsive or natural one. In this way, we succeed in time to remove the strong desire by postponing its gratification. The techniques can be used in many more addictions, including smoking, compulsive eating or drinking.

Pokemon Go could be a game just for young people, but has irrevocably changed the way that informations can get today from people and how it accessed. For instance, maybe women will no longer have the patience to try on clothes on H&M, and opt for a simulator to prove clothes in real – time augmented reality. Innovations in technology are driven not only by mad scientists. They always need support in marketing. So, whether you are an entrepreneur or a multinational leadership, not slant the passion of a teenager. You could only become a client who can not afford to give so much money on what you but, but is willing to try anything is number one.

In Game

Chromecast real smart TV

Chromecast turns your TV into a really smart TV. Content that you can access is not limited to the few applications installed on an ordinary smart TV, many of them unnecessary for must users, unstable, slow or installed only with the purpose of promoting a particular service.


The content that it can bring to your TV with Chromecast is the one you have on your computer, phone or tablet. Utility recommends both end user and business environment. Technically, the Chromecast is a so – called dongle, like a memory stick form and construction. It has two types of connections: HDMI and USB. Connecting to a TV is via HDMI.


The output microUSB adapter is used with the included power supply. You can feed either from the mains, possibly using a USB extension cable or directly from the USB port of your TV. Although i have encountered cases of people who have failed first, connecting software it is also extremely simple. You need to download the official app, Chromecast installer, available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. With the TV set to the HDMI port to which you connected Chromecast using the official app on your computer, phone or tablet must go through a short wizard, three simple steps: detecting Chromecast’s connecting to wireless and entering the code. When set up is complete, the TV will display the message Ready to cast.

Once installed and configured you do not have to do with Chromecast, the device physically. Everything is done on the device you send content and possibly the TV remote control. As i said, the device that sends content to Chromecast can be a PC, laptop or tablet.

And content can be video, audio, images or entire screen. What you need are applications with support for Chromecast. The easiest example is YouTube. Both the website itself that go on the computer and Android and iOS applications can send content to Chromecast to be watched on television. To this end, YouTube video player includes a button that lets you choose where you want to watch the video: the active device or TV via Chromecast. This button only appears when a device is detected Chromecast local networks. Beyond the convenience it bring, when you consider that the operation is performed without wires, the great advantage is that Chromecast is not just an oridinary adapter, but wireless media player.

He is in charge of processing stream transmitted by computer, phone or tablet, not the device that transmitted. Your phone, for example, makes no effort to process the image. He just send the link to the desired content in a format known Chromecast, and the latter does all the work.


Once transmitted video to Chromecast, you can use other applications on your phone, you can turn off the display or you can close it. Upon sending content to Chromecast, the phone is only part of the remote. First on the list of Chromecast applications for PC is the official extension for Google Chrome, Google Cast. This is the main tool with which you send content to your PC and Chromecast has three ways you can stream: only the video, a tab with all its contents or full screen. The latter is avoided, at least at this point, if you use it to watch movies. They will not run fluently, especially if you are in HD.

Save your Money! Great budget smartphones

Prices have fallen significantly touchscreen phones lately, so now you can find a cheap smartphone and good, decent able to run Android or Windows Phone without spending big money. These smart phones are now offered by many manufacturers, the leader in the field from companies like HTC or Samsung LG. Nokia also came into the limelight with some cheap handsets with Windows Phone, so now you’re no longer limited to cheap Android smartphones.


If you need navigation system bearer smartphones are helpful: we speak of phones with GPS to help you orient yourself in space at any time. Others prefer a smartphone with good battery, but here the choice is somewhat difficult, as almost every smartphone has a range low. In this article we will talk about some of the best smartphones cheapest available on the market today, and you will find a list of the day the most popular such devices, with reviews of those who have bought they use.

Cheap Android phone market is dominated by Samsung, but in this segment and find Nokia, HTC and LG. Manufacturers offer attractive phones at low prices, but in this segment there are some interesting smartphones with Windows Phone.

Samsung has numerous cheap smartphone portfolio and is one of the latest Galaxy Core 2. Equipped with screen 4.5 and 480 × 800 pixels resolution, the phone is powered by a quad-core 1.2 GHz, has 768 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. 5 MP camera records in 480 format, and Li-Ion battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh.

Nokia Lumia 530 is the cheapest smartphone with Windows Phone. The screen diagonal 4 offers a resolution of 480 × 854 pixels, while the hardware platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 provides a user fluently applications and games, but also the media playback compatible, even if the phone boasts only 512 MB RAM. 5 MP camera has no LED flash, while the 1430 mAh battery gives a range of about a day in normal use.

One of the cheapest smartphones with Android is Utok D40XS. It is equipped with MediaTek chipset 6572 with dual-core 1.2 GHz and 512 MB RAM configuration that allows to limit running applications and games on screen diagonal 4 “and resolution 480 × 800 pixels. MAh battery is 1450, while the camera is 5 MP.

After the success of the G series phones, LG has launched a series of smartphones cheaper, and among these is the LG L40. Dedicated to those who want a phone with a small screen of 3.5 “and 320 × 480 resolution, LG L40 relies on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory. But the camera is among the most modest that resolution as sensor only has 3.15 MP.

The market began to appear more and more dual-SIM smartphones. The offer is quite rich, especially since both versions appear phones single-SIM and dual-SIM, while others enjoy only dual SIM versions. There is an application that can test these phones. This is called Phone Number Tracker and serves to locate other devices using a lot RAM. This app uses google maps Phone number tracker for possible training location and route.

Pokemon Go will arrive in Japan

The popular game Pokemon Go will be released Wednesday in Japan, along with a new option that no therapy is available anywhere in the world.
The application will come in partnership with Burger King locations will offer users first sponsored in the game, writes TechCrunch. Pokemon Go is now available in over 30 countries, including Romania, where it enjoys a huge success.

Pokemon go in japan

Japan, the country that generated the phenomenon Pokemon was left after just because Nintendo and Niantic, companies have launched application, be sure that everything is in place and the app will handle the large number of requests that chorus occur.

Also launching in Japan will coincide with the first game with a combination of official partners, McDonalds. Thus, the sponsor will provide Pokémon Gyms, places where pokemon can be trained by players, these places are even in fast-food chain restaurants.

In this way, players will be attracted to come to these locations, where they will buy proababil products, contributing to profit growth. Only a few hours, more than 3,000 McDonald’s restaurants in Japan will turn into Pokémon Gyms.

It is very possible that soon collaborating with McDonalds to be extended to other countries and can occur even new sponsors interested in this partnership.
A community map recently released Pokemon Pokemon Go helps you hunt rare anywhere in the world.
Poke Radar Map allows you to identify some rare Pokémon and even to choose that only you can find some Pokemon. So if you already tired of chasing the little monsters just in your neighborhood with this map you can find them anywhere in the world.

Of course, the risk is that the trolls to insert false information in map location, to make you wasting your time, but you can check this by viewing the rating received by the person who places a particular location Pokemon. Click on the icon Pokemon and see who posted clues about where it is. If players have found useful information and rating is good, then you can have and trust.

In addition, you’ll find out when caught every Pokémon, and so you can figure out what time of day it is better to start hunting. As you look like you found some Pokemon, just click the blue button at the top right of the map and select samples found.

Keep in mind that if you run the same application and Pokemon Go Poke Radar map, you’ll probably remain very quickly without battery. The map can be downloaded from the iOS Store or can be used by browser. Poke Radar will soon be available for Android devices, writes publication Life Hacker.

Poke Radar was developed by Brayton and Nick Batungbacal DiVone and is for those who want to complete their collection of rare Pokémon specimens.